"Ister" is the ancient name for the European river Danube. The river runs from its spring in the Black Forest in southwest Germany to the east and falls into the Black Sea. Friedrich Hoelderlin, the famous German poet of the classical period wrote one of his most important hymns with this river in mind. There is a lot to say about this text and many interpretations were made in the past pointing out this or that. "Vieles wäre / Zu sagen davon."

We at Ister.ORG however understand the poem as an encouragement. There is a time when you should stop looking at the river and its beauty, a time when you should build your house on the banks, when you should help to cultivate the land.

Culture is not an empty word for Ister.ORG, it is the ground under our feet. It is a culture of capability, of openness and liberty. The practical work maintains itself and creates something for the community at the same time. That at least may remind us of art, apart from the necessary pragmatism.