Name: XRDL - XRDL Ressource Directory Language

Version: 0.1.0


XRDL Ressource Directory Language is a lightweight document type to describe ressources in a directory structure. Containers may be nested to any level, metadata may be added to describe a container. Each container may have any number of entries and entries may have any number of parameters with single or compound values.

XRDL was made to provide a generic document type for configuration files - but may be useful for other purposes as well.

License: GNU LGPL

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Refer to DTD: http://xml.ister.org/dtd/xrdl/xrdl.dtd
Refer to Schema: http://xml.ister.org/dtd/xrdl/xrdl.xsd
Refer to RelaxNG: http://xml.ister.org/dtd/xrdl/xrdl.rng