Name: xml22 - parse, search and edit XML files with PHP

Version: 0.4.0


This PHP4 code parses an XML document into a multidimensional array. The parser recognizes and processes almost all of XML, including processing instructions, general or external entities and notations. In addition many functions are provided to search and edit the document, build a new one and write it back to a string or to a file. The xml22 code is aimed to provide a functionality comparable to the Document Object Model in a different manner.

Note: Since PHP5 will support XML DOM functionality by default, the development of xml22 is not continued. Only bugfixes to the code will be provided.

Important: You may also take a look at our brand new package SimpleXML44 which is best for most uses cases and even more standards compatible than xml22. Last but not least - SimpleXML44 is fully object oriented.

License: GNU GPL

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