Name: Ister PHP4 Framework - PHP framework and class library for web applications

Version: 0.4.8


The Ister PHP4 Framework is a class library providing a consistent object oriented framework to build web applications. Features are custom logging, database abstraction, encapsulation of HTTP, classes to configure applications, form processing and more. Also included in the framework is an improved version of the templating system t24. The framework is aimed to support the implementation of the MVC pattern for PHP.

Currently supported databases are: MySQL, PostgreSQL.
Other databases may be accessed with DBX driver.

The PHP4 version of the framework is licensed under a BSD style license. A version using the advanced features of PHP5 like exceptions, interfaces and the SPL extension will--until further notice--only be available in commercial projects of Ister.ORG. This may change in the future.

The Ister PHP4 Framework is already in use in production environments. At least the following sites are powered by the framework:


PHP >= 4.3.x
MySQL, PostgreSQL or DBX extension to use DBMS
XML Expat Parser extension to use XML processing

License: BSD style

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