Name: YAPFront - Yet Another PostgreSQL Frontend

Version: 0.1.0alpha2


YAPfront is - Yet Another PostgreSQL Frontend. It is aimed to provide a easy to use web frontend to a PostgreSQL database, rather for intranet than internet. It is not made for the administrator or developer but for the user. With this version of YAPfront only a single table can be used for editing (what has to change in the future). Since PostgreSQL is a very powerful database management system providing triggers and stored procedures, it should be possible to map nearly every database to a single table for editing. A arbitrary number of views can be browsed additionally. Supported features are: easy search by regular expressions, extended search, customization using templates and stylesheets, different kinds of authentication, extension via hook functions aka callbacks and a lot more. Typical use cases for YAPfront might be a address book, a customer database or a text library. Multiple setups for multiple use cases may have access to the same installation of the classes on a server. The user adminisration is maintained by PostgreSQL, not by YAPfront.

License: GNU GPL

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